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“The overall aim of our session program is to love and encourage children toward hope.”

What happens at a session?

Our sessions take on as many unique forms as there are people. However, there are some choice components that are generally included in each session.


  • Chores: Almost every child/adult and mentor pair will complete a small chore at the beginning of the session. This time is designed to teach the importance of serving others by giving through the work of your own hands. Often this opportunity empowers them in knowing that their efforts can make a difference to those around them. It also enables the mentor to better understand each person each time, and gain perspective for the best use of time to follow. 
  • Working with horses: The majority of those who come to Renaissance Springs are drawn to the ranch because of the horses. Those in the program will learn to correctly handle, groom, round pen, ride, and even vet horses during their sessions. Again, each session depends on the needs of the person and of the horse on any given day.
  • Crafts: For those who do not wish to spend time riding horses, the ranch has assembled some wonderful craft options for a child and leader to use. One option is “horse painting.” The ranch horses are large and gentle and make great canvases for those who do not wish to ride.
  • Play: Often, the most valuable time in a child’s life is to allow and encourage kids to be kids by playing. Many children choose to spend their entire session wholly engaged in playing games. And let's face it, it's good for adults as well. 
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