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What do I need to bring?

  • Shoes/boots with closed toes and closed heels are required. Shoes/boots with little or no tread and a heel are recommended. (Often we have extras on hand, so let us know if you don’t have this type of shoe/boot.)

  • Long pants are recommended for riding.

  • Nothing is permitted to be hanging down around the neck or tied around the waist while riding.

  • Idaho weather is ever changing and layered clothing is always a good idea.

  • To promote individual responsibility, we recommend that kids bring their own water bottle and sunscreen.

What do I leave at home or in the car?

  • Pets. For the safety of our pets, and yours, please leave your furbabies at home.

  • Phones, tablets, handheld gaming devices

  • Weapons, i.e. knives, guns, etc…

  • Smoking and alcohol are not allowed on the ranch property

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