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What are Discipleship Groups?

Discipleship Groups are a mixture of Bible study/devotions and horses. We are taking the best parts of our Camp HERD experiences, and diving in deeper in both the devotionals and the horse stuff! 


These groups will be for kids in 4th grade through 12th grade (ages 8-18, roughly), and will meet for 2 hours each week. At this time we are only excepting returning students from Summer 2022 classes. We hope to expand on these meetings in the future as we grow our volunteer team. 

The kids will learn more about Jesus, memorize Scripture, read God's Word each day (at home), and learn how to care for horses, work with them, and even get the chance to learn different riding disciplines. Along with those things mentioned, there will be projects, chores, and even a field trip and/or horse professional that comes to visit from time to time. 

We are so excited and blessed to get the chance to walk side-by-side with your kids throughout the years to come. 

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